Our House System:

Todd U's Village Three Houses one family!

Toddler University’s community goes beyond the classroom! We take community-building seriously, which is why we’ve implemented the RCA House System. Every child, family, and staff member at Toddler University joins one of our three vibrant houses: Protos, Amistad, and Sollevaré. Each house has its own distinctive values, symbols and heritage, creating an multi-faceted, enriching environment for our students. 

Our Houses:

House of Success

Symbol Animal: Bear
Language: Greek
Heritage: Greece

House of Friendship

Symbol Animal: Immortal Peacock
Language: Spanish
Heritage: Mexico

House of Uplifting

Symbol Animal: Phoenix
Language: Latin
Heritage: Italy

Houses can earn points for various activities throughout the year. They can earn points for perfect sign-ins, great behavior, parent and community involvement and so much more. The house that accumulates the most points by the end of the school year wins the grand prize!

We also have Facebook Groups for each house alongside our main Toddler University Page, where we often share updates and inspirational messages!

At Toddler University, our House System is a way for us to live our Motto: Three Houses, One Todd U Family.

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